Sygn of the Goat

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Sygn of the Goat Art, Candles, Jewelry & More!


I started this company over a year ago, with the belief that I could re-purpose materials from my home in order to make things like candles, jewlery and art. I use cardboard molds including milk cartons, as well as glass and such to make my candles. I re-purpose wax and do not own a double boiler. For photography I am currently using only a Samsung digital camera which is six or more years old and has a cracked lense! Talk about re-using. Paintings are done on any solid form using arylics occasionally but mostly oil paint. I dabble in jewelry but must admit I don't have a lot of time for it as I've also published an e-book series on Amazon. I do hope to get back to creating pieces soon. Please join the site, leave a message, browse the forums, blogs, videos, and photo albums. This is a sharing site and so you will find many things here, about my life, and about green living and also random things like, favorite shows, books and music. I'm an artist and therefore very driven, and eclectic in tastes and topics so take part and enjoy! P.S. I also home school my children, and yes, I'm crazy.

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301 W. Milwaukee Street Janesville Wisconsin

Link to my e-book series on Amazon here!

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